Here's what people are saying about Shira Kiku... 4 stars
"We have only had take-out sushi, but we have enjoyed it often.
The owners are very friendly and the sushi is just so tasty!
We got the Kiku Maki Station for our Christmas Eve gathering and it was a big hit:  It was not only delicious, but it looked spectacular."
        - Karen K., Nashua, NH 5 stars (98%)
"Everything about this restaurant is absolutely amazing. Best food I have ever eaten. All the waitresses treat you with respect and invite you in with open arms. My family will definitely be back very soon."        - The Nelson Family

"Excellent Maki Roll....and with request they will even make the Maki with healthy brown rice! Delicious."   - Gail 87% restaurant guides: 4 stars
"Shira Kiku is run/staffed by a family who is very friendly and willing to offer advice on meal selection; they provide great service as well. We've been there several times so far and food/service is consistently excellent. I would also encourage those who have never had Korean to give it a try- Bulgogi would be a great beginner's choice - it's wonderful!"        - Bri The Restaurant Guy

The Granite Gourmet: favorable
Excerpt: "For awesome service, for incredible food and for being so willing to make wonderful food for vegans and no-gluten peeps, I encourage everyone to try Shira Kiku.  If you’re nervous about the more exotic dishes, there are plenty of stir fries and Pad Thai type dishes to try that aren’t intimidating."       - Elizabeth


Open Hours:

Monday & Tuesday - Closed

Wednesday & Thursday - 4pm to 9:30pm

Friday & Saturday - 12 Noon to 10:00pm

Sunday - 12 Noon to 9:00pm


Delivery now available!

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